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17/9/19  Inauguration of the extended Red Kite Ridgeway is postponed

For different reasons we unfortunately have to postpone the inauguration of the Red Kite Ridgeway, which should take place on 29/9/19, until next spring.
The date will be announced in November. May 1, 2020 will be one of the possible dates. Until then, the rest stop for hikers in Neuludwigsdorf on the Red Kite Ridgeway will certainly have been in operation for a long time.

Inauguration of the extended Red Kite Ridgeway on 29 September 2019

The time has finally come: after more than four years of planning, coordinating and approving the new route of the Red Kite Ridgeway, as well as completing the marking work, the 45 km long cross-border circular hiking trail is to be inaugurated on the 29th September this year. The five participating members of the Rotmilan-Höhenweg Society have planned inauguration ceremonies at the following stations:

Hiking competitions are again planned as a connecting element of the individual event stations:

  • for leisure hikers and
  • extreme hikers.

The starting point can be freely chosen by the participants. Starting at 8.00 am, the tour begins at any of the five stations around the Elsoff valley. The last participant in the two competitions should have reached their goal by 6.00 pm. In order to manage the evaluation of all the trail passes, it is proposed to hold an award ceremony as a special event.

In addition, we recommend that people with reduced mobility use the asphalted section of the route ‒ ”100% comfort trail” ‒ from the Struthbach hiking car park to the Teiche hiking car park (around 2.8 km in total length back and forth, with low gradients of no more than ± 4.5%) in order to enjoy nature and the magnificent views.


The detailed festival programme will be available in mid-September.

In order to keep up to date with the preparations for the festival and the conditions for participation in the hiking competitions currently being worked on, as well as for the registration forms for the competitions, we recommend that you revisit this website in the coming weeks.