Description of the circular trail

Elsoff (E) - Christianseck (C) - Diedenshausen (D) - Neuludwigsdorf (N) - Alertshausen (A) - Elsoff (E)


From the Elsoff village square (Ständebaum) the path leads via Vogteistraße, Nordstraße to the town exit. On the left the trail ascends (20 %) to Delle (refuge, view of the Elsoff Valley and village), location of the planned Augenstein. Continuing and slightly ascending, the trail passes through meadows and pastures on the Deckenau (shelter, view into the Mennerbach Valley). The path is then first flat, then ascends steeply through spruce forests to the 610 m high Hermannstein. It flattens again above open fields and leads to the shelter Jägersrücken with view to the Garsbachtal.



Further over a high plateau, past meadows with fascinating views; through spruce forests to "Kohl"; then, rising slightly, passing the "Landgasthof Wittgensteiner Schweiz", Hof Teiche. Continuing on to Struthbach, over an open field with a wonderful view, past a barbecue hut to the parking area for hikers. From here the path leads past the NABU species protection tower to Latzbruch and further to the "Landgasthof Restaurant Laibach" with a beautiful view of the Rothaar mountain ridge.

The route then passes between Kohlwald and Herrgottskopf with a distant view over wooded heights down to the Winterbach. At the Delle it rises steeply up to the Hof Burg with a wide view to the right, then down the Pferdsbach. From Hof Burg, view eastwards towards Sohl, descending slightly down to the junction Kraftholz at District Road 51.



Turn right through spruce forest below the farmsteads at the Landebach and further down through the valley to regional state road L 717. Shortly after entering Diedenshausen, turn left at the kindergarten onto a wooden bridge over the Elsoff Stream, on to the Seibelsbach residential area in Hesse then up to the Heiligenholz, at the location of the planned Augenstein and further north-east through the spruce forest. Below "Gebrannter Rücken" the way rounds a hairpin bend to the south. It then continues down into the valley of the Inselbach.

Keep to the left, cross the Inselbach spring and descend along the edge of the beech forest. Turn left at the next fork in the road and uphill through the beech forest, where you will come to an asphalted road and, after twice turning left, into the Bromskircher district of Dachsloch. From here the path goes on in the direction of Neuludwigsdorf, through a beautiful beech forest. In the middle of the trail there is an opportunity to rest on covered benches. Continue along the forest path; now you have Neuludwigsdorf in view. At the beginning of the village there is a small open space, which also offers the chance of a rest. If you want something more comfortable, you can book into the Landgasthof Steuber. This is approx. 200 m further on.



If you want to make a little detour, there is the possibility of starting from the open space by the street "Am Klosterberg" in the direction of the pavilion, passing the Hubertus Chapel and on to the highest point in the former County of Frankenberg at 600 m above sea level. There you will have a great panorama towards "Lahnberge" (city of Marburg), "Hohes Lohr" in the Kellerwald mountains and Ederbergland.

Back on the RMHW we continue through the village, past old half-timbered houses and farm gardens. Now follow the path to the right into the valley until you reach the "Elbrighäuser Grund" (415 m above sea level). Here one should keep right where you will discover the old foundation walls of the former forester's lodge and the famous "Hirschstein". The path then leads up to the "Forsthaus Karlsburg" at 605 m above sea level. From here the RMHW follows the mountain range for approx. 3.6 km. Passing "Hof Dielenberg", after about 2.5 km you will reach a refuge on the right hand side. To the left you will have a splendid view towards the Hesse region.



Pass "Hof Fallgrube" and keep left at the next crossroads. Go uphill in the direction of "Hof Binsenbach". There the path branches. The RMHW leads left downhill towards Elsoff. Proceed from "Hof Binsenbach", near the border of Northrhine-Westfalia / Hesse, through spruce forests, past the 580 m high Reiherberg mountain via Kirchtal and descend to the "Hadersohl" rest area. A 15 % descent leads down to "Wolpfad" (covered seating area). Cross District Road 40. From the vantage point at "Hinterm Wolpfad" there is a 40 km distant view over Dodenau and up to "Ederbergland", the Kellerwald National Park and Hohe Lohr.

Follow the ascent on the right to the Heiligenberg (544 m), through meadows, pastures and forests over the flat undulating plateau on the Tritter and Mingescheid. Near the State border NRW/Hesse turn right along the at first flat then slightly sloping path close to the "Hof Butschbach". From here the path goes steeply downhill along the Butschbach (20 %) to the first houses of Elsoff. Turn right into the street "Unter dem Heiligenberg", pass by the Jewish cemetery and the Elsoff Primary School into the village square (Ständebaum).


Left and right of the trail